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Department of Child Development


 The Department of Child Development was established as a full-fledged Department in the Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development now Ministry of Social Development and Gender Issues as a result of the resolutions reached at the meeting of the National Council of Women Affairs and Youth Development (as it was then) held in Makurdi, Benue State from 18th – 22nd September, 2000.


  • To provide care, shelter, protection and counselling.


  • To handle actions , matters and other related issues affecting the well-being of children especially the orphans, destitute and vulnerable children whether undertaken by an individual, parents, family, public or private body, institutions service, court of law, administrative or legislative authority.


  • In all actions, the best interest of the child should be paramount to all and every child should be given adequate care and protection necessary for his/ her total development and well-being.

The Department of Child Development



  • Processing of application for applicants who applied for adoption.

  • Conducting of social enquiries on suitable applicants.

  • Receiving and Verifying of documents submitted by applicants.

  • Counselling of prospective adopters.

  • Monitoring of adopted babies/children in Homes.
  • Orphanage Homes

  • Registration of Orphanage Homes.

  • Receiving of abandoned Children, Orphans and Destitute into the Orphanage Homes.

  • Monitoring and following-up of children for head count, ensure that they are adequately catered for and in a safe, hygienic/ conducive environment.

  • Providing Psycho-Social Support Services, Emotional First-Aid Therapy, Trauma Healing and Behaviour Modification to vulnerable children and those that manifest deviant behaviour.

  • Child Protection/ Children Parliament

  • Handling all forms of Child Rights Violations Offences and follow-up to a legal conclusion.

  • Providing Psycho-Social Support Services through the use of Psychotherapies and techniques to ensure survivors becomes well-adjusted and recover from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

  • Counselling for Psycho-Social Support, Trauma Healing, and Emotional First-Aid Therapy for survivors of Gender Based Violence/Family members.

  • Placement of children in Orphanage homes, building strong support system that promotes child safety, permanency and wellbeing within the State.

  • Providing Behaviour Modification Counselling to vulnerable children with deviant behaviour and Sexual Offenders to have a change in attitude. Below are the cases reported at the department from March, to September, 2022.

  • Coordinating and supervising all the activities for Children Parliament.

  • Crèche

    Registration of Crèches.
  • Monitoring and inspection of crèches in Edo State to ensure they operate within the confines of the Child’s Rights Law.